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Fairfax Fletcher Westford Little League


Parent involvement is strongly encouraged and very much appreciated! 

If you wish to volunteer in anyway please complete the Volunteer application (must include social security number) and we are happy to have you help out in anyway possible! 

We are implementing a Parents / Players Code of Conduct and appreciate your support moving forward with this.  

Our goal as a league is to make this experience positive and enriching for all.  Parents should be in attendance while their child/children are practicing or at games. If unable to do so then please check in with another parent that can be responsible for your child in your absence.  Each coach has typically 11-13 children to look after and our volunteer coaches look forward to spending their time teaching the rules and fundamentals of the game to all.  It is important to know that if necessary your child will have someone there for him/her.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

Amy Havreluk 
FFW Little League
[email protected]